YouTube Files #1

This week in things I posted on the internet:

A new Fancy in Four video where I talk about my plans for finally conquering this “adulting” business (it’s probably not what you think…unless you read the title of the video. Then yeah, it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking).

And, because we all need a little balance, Thursday’s video includes all four days of my Nashville Boogie fashion OOTD’s!

As a side note, you can watch BOTH of this week’s videos in under 5.5 minutes! Say what?!?

If you need a bit more of me and my bright-as-the-sun hair this Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be on Instagram and Snapchat. This weekend is my 12th anniversary with The Boy so I’m sure we’ll be doing something exciting like eating fancy ramen or going to Target. What plans have you made for the long weekend? <3


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