You’re So Vein

One of the things I love most about The Boy is that he wholeheartedly enjoys animated films. Over the past 10 years he has conceded to the fact that I don’t handle scary movies well and I try to not make him endure TOO many romantic comedies. Thus, we have reached our middle ground – be it Disney, Pixar or Burton – the animated feature keeps our marriage alive (okay, that plus a lot of love, commitment and sacrifice…).

Over the weekend, we hit the box office, Snack Packs in hand, to watch Hotel Transylvania. There is nothing quite like being in a theater full of children hopped up on candy and cartoons. It is magical.

All of that to say I was totally inspired by vamp-child Mavis and her shiny black lipstick and am now more than coveting this Bat sweater from Zoe Karssen. Also, is it weird that Dracula reminded me of my 6 year old nephew? They have the same sense of humor.

Bat Sweater, Dress (Similar), Tights, Sneakers, Zing Headband


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