What to Wear: Spring Basics

NYDJ I’m sure we’ve all been there. A new season rolls around and you swear you have nothing at all to wear. Nothing, I tell ya.

Since this happens to me every time the weather changes, I’ve realized that this is the time to rely on your basics. Now, your staple pieces might look a little different than mine, but these are my go-to pieces when absolutely nothing is working.

We all know the joys of a perfectly fitting pair of dark wash jeans. At least I hope you’ve felt the pure pleasure of not having to tug and pull (or suck in TOO hard) while wearing your favorite denim. My must haves are dark and super skinny jeans – even better if they’re hi-waisted! If you’re having a tough time finding skinnies that fit just right, I’d suggest trying out a well-made pair of jean leggings or stretch skinny jeans like these from NYDJ – they’re much more forgiving than traditional denim and can look incredibly chic.

When I want to feel both comfy and cool, a boyfriend jean is what I reach for. Whether they’re ripped to shreds or just a nice classic light and loose denim, this slightly slouchy pant is easily dressed up or down.

My favorite things to wear with spring basics are classic vans in a surprising finish (hello, silver metallic!). Something about them is perfect when you’re tired of wearing winter boots but it’s just a little too early for sandals. Pair with jeans and a soft, simple top and you’re set for a day of errands. They also look amazingly adorable worn with spring dresses and skirts!

Speaking of dresses, spring seems to be when all the wedding invites start rolling in. I like to have that one dress that I know if all else fails, I at least have something I know I’ll look good in. This has come in handy more than you can imagine, since I’m so on top of life and have everything planned to a t (please note sarcasm). This stunning LBD has just the right amount of classic cocktail and modern details.

The pièce de résistance of my spring wardrobe also happens to be my year round go-to. Oh, trusty leather jacket…when have you failed me? The answer to that, of course, is never. Except maybe when summer hits 110 degrees, but you can’t blame THAT on gorgeous (vegan) leather. There is nothing like a leather jacket to pull together the perfect ensemble.


Special thanks to NYDJ for sponsoring today’s post. NYDJ is “The Original Slimming Fit” brand, and incorporate slimming technology into all their jeans – exclusive Lift Tuck Technology. Learn more about the brand here.



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