I hope you missed me. Because I sure missed you.

It’s possible you didn’t even notice I was gone (I totally get it – summer steals internet browsing time from the best of us). In case you thought I had gone the way of Amelia Earhart, rest assured things are as they should be. At least I think they are…blog redesigns can get a little tricky.

I do hope you like the new look. That was the main reason I stepped away from the blog for a bit (I’ve been faithfully bringing you How to be Fancy goodness on the ol’ YouTube, though). You know the feeling you get when you’ve had the same Old Navy pea coat for years and you’re just sick of looking at it every winter? That’s precisely how I was feeling about the blogaroo. Once I decided it needed a change, I took a little time to refocus what Fancy is – not just the aesthetics of the joint – but the real meat and potatoes. Or Tofu and Kale if you’re doing the health thing.

I’d also like to share a few things you can expect to find around here. They’re not all set in stone but more like a little guide to keep me sane and you from thinking I’m crazy.

A Happy Dose of Authenticity.
I want you guys to feel free to be yourselves around here. We’re all friends, right? Friends aren’t afraid to share their imperfections. Friends aren’t scared of showing a bare face – age spots, clogged pores and all. With that in mind, I hope you’ll allow me the chance to speak genuinely about things. Whether it’s a trend, beauty product or even a chat about life, I’m crazy about the idea of us having real, honest conversations about all of that and more.

A Smidge of the Unconventional.
Don’t let the “Fancy” moniker fool you. I’ve got pink hair, for Pete’s sake. I hereby deem How to be Fancy a place where you can obsess over whatever you like. If you happen to be losing sleep over this season’s Vampy black lip or prefer the classic chapstick-in-your-pocket approach, you’re welcome to indulge. My take on being fancy has more to do with being inspired than being extravagant. Unless extravagant is your thing. Then be that.

Friendship Bracelets for Everyone.
Basically, I’d like to be your BFF of beauty and style. We can even get matching necklaces if you want. The main reason I started How to be Fancy was because I LOVE handing out my opinions on shoes and mascara to anyone willing to listen. There is almost nothing that makes me happier than helping a friend pick out the perfect lipstick/handbag/soul mate. I think it’s an oldest child thing. I promise I’ll try not to be bossy. Also, I am not easily offended, so you can take or leave my advice as you see fit. I won’t mind even a little bit.

Now that we’ve got that out in the open, here are a few things you might want to take a peek at.

  • I’ve added some brand new tabs at the top of the site to make finding what you’re looking for a bit easier.
  • You can find some of my favorite posts here.
  • The How to be Fancy YouTube, Facebook & Twitter pages all got a little makeover as well (and I’ll be adding even more fun things as we go along).
  • Finally, if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun, make sure to Subscribe to the blog! My favorite way to keep up with blogs is through Bloglovin’, so there’s a nifty little link for that to your right.

Let me know what you think about the new gussied up How to be Fancy – I’d love to hear from you!


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