Wayne Goss Brush Review

As soon as I got word that Wayne Goss had released his brushes on Beautylish, I marched my little self over to the website determined to pick up a few as a birthday present to myself. Unfortunately, everyone and their lipstick eating dog was in on the launch and I ended up not grabbing the one brush I most wanted.

I was able to snag three brushes from the collection, which I’ve used every day since they arrived. I know there’s always a big stink when “gurus” release products – followers can be either over-celebratory or completely underwhelmed and highly critical about the whole thing. I try to stay neutral, but come on, who doesn’t love Wayne??


Up first is number 05, it is the smallest crease brush I have ever seen. I wanted this brush to use when blending out shadows under the eye and to get a really defined crease. This brush definitely does that well. It is very precise in the placement of product and is soft enough to use as a blending tool as well. The only thing I would like better is if the bristles were a tiny bit shorter. I feel I would have much more control over the final effect. Pretty sure that just comes down to personal preference, though.

The second brush is number 07. At first, I was unsure if I would even purchase this one. It’s a very dense, short bristled smudger brush – usually pretty dupable. Let me tell you, I am SO glad I hit that “add to cart” button! I’ve found myself using this little brush for all sorts of things. It has become my #1 go-to brush for creating strong eyebrows. The density of the bristles allow you to place just enough product, the narrowness lets you create a defined shape while still creating individual hair strokes. The best part, though, is that the rounded edges are perfect if you like a very defined front bit of your eyebrow. By laying the bristles flat against the front portion of your eyebrow, you get the PERFECT amount of definition.

The final brush I picked up was number 04. This brush is a slightly larger crease brush that is SO SOFT you will want to use it for blending out everything from eyeshadow to concealer. Its unique talent is the ability to pick up just the right amount of shadow to place on lids. It would be quite the challenge to go overboard with product using this brush!

Overall, I would say give the Goss brush collection a shot if you’re in the market for new brushes or just want to treat yourself. The pricing is pretty on point with the quality from what I’ve seen and you’re supporting a talented makeup artist. As soon as the other brushes in the set are available again, I will be picking up a few more (the smaller crease brush and maybe one of the face brushes for sure)!


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