SIZZLER SUNDAY: A Smorgasbord of Beautiful Things

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that at least a few of you are familiar with the age-old Sunday tradition of rounding up the whole fam and heading to your nearest buffet-style eatery. One of the highest and lowest points of my week as a child happened after church at some such establishment. On one hand, DESSERT BAR (and whatever crack-magic they put in those dinner rolls). On the other hand, adults spending actual hours talking over plates of fried catfish, mystery veg, and cantaloupe. Perhaps, you too, have felt the familiar tug of heavy eyelids and wanting nothing more than to curl up for a nap on those sweat-inducing vinyl booth benches.

Sneeze guards aside, what makes a buffet great is the randomness of the choices placed before you. Which brings me (finally!) to the purpose of today’s post. In the name of creating a new tradition for the Fancy Fam, I thought a Sunday filled with my favorite potions, products, and pretties would be fun. Pull up a pleather seat and let’s chat!

Travel Bag EssentialsSince I was traveling the past week, my most-used things are trip-related.

BAND-AID FRICTION BLOCKQuite a few of you recommended this after I had a run in with a pair of evil mules (shoes, not farm life). It took some hunting, but this stuff works wonders in preventing blisters from long days exploring cities in cute not-so-comfy shoes.

DORCO SHAI 4 RAZORI’ve purchased Dorco razors FOR YEARS. After fighting the rage that buying overpriced cartridges was causing me in the aisles of Target, I went on an internet research binge (as you do) and ran across Dorco. They are amazingly good and super cheap (like $25 or less for a year’s supply of blades WITH the handle). I was overly happy when they asked if I wanted to share a promo code with you guys!! Uh, YES PLEASE!!! (Obligatory disclaimer: they didn’t pay me to say that, I just really like them a lot!)

Coupon Code: GODORCO20
Discount: 20% Off Each Item
Exp: 08/31/2016

PACIFICA COCONUT CRUSHED PEARL LOTION. I’m feeling a little emotional because I think this has been discontinued – but – I got it recently at Ulta and it smells like heaven (if heaven were coconut island). You may still be able to grab it in stores if you hurry!

DAISO OIL BLOTTING PAPERSGod bless Daiso. My dream is to have one of these magical dollar stores nearby. Until then, these adorable and super handy blotting sheets will remind me that places like this do exist.

COLAB DRY SHAMPOOI am the biggest fan of Ruth Crilly. She makes me smile with her cheeky beauty videos and blog posts on A Model Recommends on a regular basis (as does her cat, Mr. Bear). Imagine my surprise when I discovered her dry shampoo was available in the US in travel size. I’ll imagine YOUR surprise when I tell you I stumbled upon it at Hot Topic. Go, re-live your pre-adolescent goth-hood while enjoying wonderfully texturized second day hair.

Tweet or Snap me your faves this week @howtobefancy! See ya next Sunday!


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