Dreamy for Days {Giveaway Day 6}

I was so excited to be able to scoop up today’s giveaway for you! The Tarina Tarantino Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette has been my staple palette for fall and winter! The gorgeous neutrals blend so well. I also love that there’s a mix of cool and warm shades. You can see my full review and more photos here.

IMG 2852 300x300 Dreamy for Days {Giveaway Day 6}

Here’s the video for today!

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  1. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• My fave holiday party makeup look consists of warm gold/bronze smokey eyes with a hint of gold glitter in the center of the lid & matte red lips.

  2. I live in Australia where it is EXTREMELY hot around Christmas, hence all the celebration parties I go to are either on the beach or a barbecue in someone’s backyard so I’m usually bare-faced! I wish we had white Christmases though so I could get all dolled up :(

  3. I love glitter for the holidays! I just bought some MUFE glitter and too faced glitter glue. So excited to use them next week!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I usually don’t use makeup but that time I use lengthening black mascaras and gold or silver eyeliners and bit warmer colours on eyelids (depends on what kind of shades I’m wearing) :) I would go for nude-ish pink lip colours :) yeah, not so impressive but I’m not that kind of girl :D

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