When the MAC Punk Couture collection came out the day after Christmas, I decided to take a little peek and see if anything caught my attention. I have to say, as much as I’ve been underwhelmed my MAC lately, they know how to put together an image. Rather than make a rash online purchase, I went and swatched a few things for myself in store.

Probably the last thing I needed was another grungy red lipstick. But don’t worry your pretty head, the color I actually ended up with is a deep matte purple. Not a color I would normally opt for, but something about Punk Couture made me feel a bit adventurous – so I went for it.
I actually think it looks quite nice with my latest hair concoction. It’s just plummy enough to keep some life in the skin and not make your teeth look too yellow. As far as application: remember that this is a MATTE lipstick, which means it will probably stick to a few spots on the lip. Exfoliate well before use and use a lipbrush to blend (my closeup shot was taken prior to using a lip brush – I wanted to show you how it looked straight from the tube). Also, a good lip liner goes a long way in keeping those dark colors in place.

Overall, I’d say if you’re looking for a darker take on the vampy lip trend, Punk Couture might be the way to go.


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  1. Bummed I missed out on this collection since I’m a sucker for purple lippies .

    By the time I found out about the lippies & saw swatches , it was already sold out .


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