Le Couvent des Minimes…well, aren’t you a fancy little lip balm? On one of my more recent wanders through Ulta, coupon in hand, I ran across this adorable little french brand. It was hiding demurely in the drugstore side of the store looking all innocent. I saw that the flavor was honey (which I happen to be obsessed with), so I went for it.


Now, this isn’t the cheapest lip balm in the world – it retails for $13.50. Which I would probably never spend, but I’ve had my eye on the Nuxe one forever so I thought, “This is totally a steal.” Famous last words, right?



However, I’ve found that my little splurge was totally justified. We’ve experienced some of the coldest winter days I’ve seen in a while (for Oklahoma at least) and this has carried me through them like a champ. The texture has a bit of grit to it that I know some won’t care for. I found, however, that little bit of texture helps keep lips extra exfoliated – meaning extra smooth. I wouldn’t use this underneath a lipstick because of the texture, but it is absolutely my new go-to for night time application. I used it in my latest PM Skincare routine if you’re interested in watching!

What lip balms do you like to use to keep lips smooth? Have you ever splurged on one before?


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  1. Hey, Fancy!! 😉
    Its Jen from abundance. I just wanted to thank you for the prize I received in the mail the other day (candle and lotion) they’re perfect for my desk at work!

    Really loving the reviews on some of my staples(liquid eyeliner, lime crime everything) as I’m also super pale and like to try fun things with my makeup. Please keep up the great work! :)

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