Review: Formula X for Sephora

It is a well-established fact that I have too many nail polishes. The funny thing is, I honestly get use out of most of them and I know of only one off the top of my head that has never been used (it was part of a Glossybox and looks like it has a weird texture, but I digress…).

So, no comments from the peanut gallery when I say I went out and purchased a NAIL SYSTEM. Actually, who am I kidding – you guys know I’ll take any and all comments around here! But back to the point, I used my Sephora VIB discount and snagged up some of their new Formula  X polishes.

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I kind of love how they’ve set up a starter kit so you can try out the nail cleanser (this is apparently now a thing), top coat, base coat and the polish of your choice (I picked Gray Matter). It kinda seems fool proof. So, even though I was a bit skeptical that I would find anything revolutionary, I went for it. And I threw in a glitter to boot (Demolition).

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Oh how glad I am that I did. Suffice it to say that the nail photos included may look a tiny bit off for a reason. That manicure is almost THREE WEEKS OLD. The only reason I ended up taking it off (other than my need for a change) was that my nails had grown out to an obscene length and this polish was still hanging on. The formulas are a little different to regular base and top coats – I found they’re both super thick but slightly runny somehow – but once you get the hang of it they dry in under a minute.

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Currently, I’m wearing the system with a “regular ol'” Chanel polish that usually chips after about 5-6 days and the only thing I’ve noticed after 6 days is a tiny bit of wear just at the tip of my nail. As for the shine, it is as good or better than cult favorite Seche Vite and lasts much, MUCH longer. In my opinion that constitutes Holy Grail Status.

Have you tried any of the Formula X polishes? Is there one I need to grab ASAP?

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  1. I tried the formula x. It does help, my finger nails are oily and polish doesn’t last long. I can get 2- 3 days this way.

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