Off-the-Beaten-Path Halloween Costumes

Confession #1: I never went Trick-or-Treating as a child. Somehow I feel I kinda missed out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up and go beg for candy?! I still like to dream about what might have been.

Confession #2: I hate sexy/scary costumes. I realize Halloween is supposed to be scary, I just don’t like to be terrified by skull rotting zombies (although I appreciate all that makeup). And if you’re going to dress like a hoochie, you better be getting paid.

I thought I’d put together a few not-so-overdone looks. Or, you know, you could go as a sexy rotting zombie.

For the Nerd: Laser Cats

laser catsInstructions: Tape “laser beams” to sunglasses. Don kitty costume (I prefer the tabby cat variety) and off you go!

For the Television Addict/History Buff: Pan Am Stewardess

Instructions: Ummm….put on your best powder blue 1960’s apparel and grab your vintage luggage. Passport Optional.

For the Caffeinated: Starbucks Siren

Instructions: Glue coffee beans onto a paper crown. Fill up a giant coffee mug. All that caffeine cleverly incorporated into your costume? Win/Win.

For the Fashion Obsessed: Anna Wintour

Instructions: Put on your best scowl and tell the world what you really think. Bonus if your sidekick is Andre Leon Talley.

I had fun thinking these up! Do you still get to wear a Halloween Costume?


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