NYX BB Cream

When it comes to Beauty Balms, BB Creams and the like, I’ve found I am always down for giving them a try. I’m not sure what the draw is – maybe that they come in a tube and seem somewhat effortless. What I’ve discovered is that all BB creams are NOT created equally. They range from gorgeous to acceptable to downright grease in disguise.

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When I discovered the NYX Beauty Balm, of course I had to try it. I know I’ve said it about other bbs on the market but, man, this stuff is GOOD. Maybe even the best out of the dozens I’ve tried. The texture is incredibly smooth – it glides on like a dream. It adds the perfect amount of moisture to the skin, but isn’t overly greasy. It also gives one of the fullest coverages that I’ve seen in a BB cream while still looking totally natural. I’m also a big fan of the color, which leans neutral as opposed to the pinker tones I’ve found in most Western BB creams.

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For me, this is the perfect everyday skin perfecter. It is also my secret weapon in layering foundations to create a natural but still full-on coverage. In fact, I have worn this almost everyday since purchasing it at the first of the year and am now worried about running out of it. This will DEFINITELY be a repurchase (and I rarely make that kind of commitment).

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