Make it Modern Monday: Borderline

It is so true that inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Like the mall food court. While eating a fine dinner of Thai Chicken the Boy and I saw a throwback music video of Madonna’s Borderline. Now, I don’t really remember the Madonna of the 80s (being pretty small at the time, I was limited to the music of Charity Churchmouse and cartoon themesongs). However, one particular look Madge wears in the music video had me thinking…”throw on some different shoes and lose the hair and you have a perfectly modern ensemble”. See for yourself:

Admittedly, the Keith Haring acid print skirt and orange/yellow shoe and sock combo could put you off the modernity of this look. Change the makeup to something less corpse-like and ease up on the teasing and you could actually pull of this look in current times. Switch the peas and carrots footwear to a sleeker, monochromatic variety and you might actually even look chic.

Wayfarers // Skirt // Top // Earrings // Bracelet // Socks // Shoes

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