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For Getting or Gifting: Stacked Heel Boots | Dainty Earring Sets | Plaid Wraps

We never had a Macy’s in my town growing up, so whenever we hit “the city” (a.k.a. Ft. Worth) I always had lofty dreams of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the big, shiny department store. I mean, these were the people with the parade, y’all.

Fast forward to modern times, where we have this glorious thing called internet shopping. And you can have the same magnificent shopping experience while wrapped in a blanket scarf, sipping tea. Plus, there are coupon codes. God bless coupon codes.

how to be fancy Macys

Try on: Plaid Dresses | Fuzzy Sweaters | Stacking Rings

I’ve got a few picks for the Macy’s Friends and Family sale this year – but don’t let me limit you. I spent HOURS last night making a list (which may or may not include an adorable plaid COACH bag. I admittedly have a problem). If you get sucked into the shopping vortex like me, don’t forget to use the code ‘FRIEND’ to get an extra 25% off your order through December 10th, 2015.

(Thanks to Emily for letting me wrangle her for an impromptu photo shoot!)


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