Leaping at the Chance {GIVEAWAY}

Day 11 is upon us and I have some more goodies to giveaway!!Today, you can win a 4 piece boscia deluxe skincare set plus my very favorite Korres lip butters!

Here’s the video so you can check out today’s prizes!

Use the form below to see the rules and to enter to win!

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  1. I love talking to my cat :) honestly, I love her she’s so furry and sometimes looks so smart- in real they could be like are the other two I have :)

  2. I also make you tube videos and have a blog. I love my blog. It is a lot of work, but it’s me. I recently added “Betty’s Blog” on the sidebar. Betty is my rescue dog, whom I worship and adore.
    I am in the process of making a “stash” page of all my nail polish, I think I need an intervention, soon!

  3. I went to school for art but I’m considering redirecting my efforts to becoming a makeup artist. Just need to pay off my student loans before jumping into anything new!

  4. I have an obsession with owls & cats. In fact, my wedding theme was inspired by ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, a poem written by Edward Lear WAY back in the day. Owl & kitty invites, centerpieces, an incredibley cool custom cake topper from Etsy, & a close friend read the poem on our big day (our guests howled, read it & you’ll see why:) My mom made me a beautiful vintage brooch bouquet w/ an owl & kitty cat front and center. Read the poem someday if you get a chance, it’s so whimsical & fun! xo

  5. Every time I go shopping I get too excited & buy everything I see, but always end up returning half of the stuff πŸ˜›

  6. I have to eat a bowl of guacamole EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast. If I don’t, my day is pretty much ruined. It’s a badddd addiction. It’s hard keeping a stockpile of avocados, tomatoes and onions at all time…….

  7. i’m 23,a pre-pharmacy student,still a begginer to makeup stuff.super short,4 feet 10 inch(148 cm).I’m also a pet lover,i have 5 cats,4 dogs and 7 puppies.

  8. Hi there! I always find your reviews helpful. Valuable resource for ideas & product selection. Thanks for sharing with us! :-)

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