The Big Reveal: My New Handbag

Happy rainy Friday to you (or sunny, or whatever it is where you are). I’m so tired today I can feel my eyelids closing as I type! Man…!! I did want to share my exciting bit of goodness with you, however. So here is my big handbag reveal…cue drumroll.

Now didn’t you just love that?! I know I did…especially the part where Mr. Jones is making his alien eyes at you. Typical Tabby. Laser cat aside, I am over the moon about the newest little lady in my handbag collection. She’s perfect for summer and I’ve carried her nonstop!

Who is your favorite Handbag designer?


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  1. I loved this video. :) You’re so cute. I am not really an “investment piece” type of girl, but I wish i were. Seems that the cheap, cute bags I get just fall apart quickly, go figure. I love your pretty Kate Spade bag. It is perfect for your style. I might need to start figuring out what nice bag brand is most “me” and take the plunge. :)

    • Abi! I’m a cheap wear and toss handbag girl, too! I’ve been getting more into the buy less buy quality mantra (sort of) so this was a step for me! You definitely need to check out Rebecca Minkoff bags…they would fit your style so well! xx

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