How I Use the Clarisonic

After hearing loads and loads of rave reviews, I broke down and purchased a Clarisonic Mia. I’ve been using it for about a week now and can honestly say I love it. For the longest time I felt like I needed to have some sort of major facial to help even out my skin texture. After one go with the Mia, my skin felt about 50-60% smoother.

Here’s my general routine:

– Place a small amount of cleanser on the Mia bristles. I’m using the Jurlique Brightening Cleanser at the moment because it was free with my Clarisonic purchase from

– Dampen face SLIGHTLY with water. You don’t want to get your face or the bristles too wet or it will run into your eyes and make cleansing difficult.

– Press power button and place Mia flat onto forehead (this keeps water/product from splattering everywhere).

– Using very light pressure, make small circles around forehead (20 seconds), nose & chin (20 seconds) and cheeks (10 seconds each cheek)

– Mia will automatically shut off and you can then rinse your face and the bristles clean.

Easy peasy! Follow with your favorite moisturizer!

Final Thoughts:

I would have to say that this may have been the best money I have ever spent on a face product. Yes, it is expensive. But I honestly think you could use the cheapest cleanser and still get lovely skin with the Clarisonic. I would also suggest only using it once a day because it DOES slightly exfoliate the skin and you don’t want to irritate it. If you have very dry skin, try using it once every other day.┬áIf you’re looking to buy, I would consider going with the smaller Mia because it’s a bit cheaper than the original, does an excellent job, and is SMALLER (AKA portable)!

Do you have a Clarisonic Cleanser? What are your thoughts?


Here’s the deal kids: I have included an affiliate link to the product mentioned in this post. I purchased my product with my very own cash, though, so don’t worry about me not giving my 100% honest review!

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