Holiday Giving Guide: Shop Handmade

One of my favorite things about the holidays is that it gives me an excuse to buy from all the independent designers I’ve drooled over all year. Some of my favorite people own local shops that sell amazing handmade items. Plus, as a small designer myself, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating such special little pieces.

One of my favorite local shops in Oklahoma City is Collected Thread. It’s the most adorable boutique full of handcrafted goodness – perfect for gift-giving. For today’s gift guide, I’ve asked owner Lindsay Zodrow to share some of the pieces that she loves most. And don’t worry, there are links to everything so you can purchase even if you’re not a local shopper!

1. Artichoke Pendant, $65: I have a slight book obsession.

2. Wall Sculpture, $500: If I had a rich aunt, I would beg her for this!

3. Knit Tie, $44: You can’t go wrong with a knit tie for that special man in your life!

4. Infinity Scarf, $41: These infinity scarves are killer.

5. iPad Outfit, $65: Look closely, it isn’t just a perfectly folded shirt….its an ipad cover! Now, if only I had an ipad.

6. Support Local Art Tee, $25: a cool gift that promotes your art community!! My next door neighbor, DNA Galleries, makes these awesome shirts. I think everyone should own at least 5!

7. Pea Shooter: I love these slingshots made from old skateboards. They also make yoyos and tops!

8. Local is for Lovers Tee, $28: Shameless plug, Our “local is for lovers” tees always make a great gift for your favorite okie! We don’t sell them online but our dear friends at SHOP GOOD do. They have a million gazillion great gifts and they donate a percentage of their profits each month to a different non-profit. How cool is that!?!

9. Shaving Kit, $47: Another great gift for the man in your life from SHOP GOOD.

10. Dress, $84: I love handmade clothing that doesn’t look handmade!

Meet Lindsay!

Collected Thread is a small handmade boutique located in the historic Plaza District in Oklahoma City. Lindsay opened the shop a little over 3 years ago due to the incessant nagging/encouragement of her awesome husband, Adam. “I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing but have loved every second of it. I am an artist as well so I understand the importance of promoting the talent of other designers. I LOVE getting to have Quid in the shop. Heather’s designs are so fresh and unique. It is always the highlight of my day when she comes in the shop!”
— I SWEAR I didn’t pay her to write that last bit!


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