Nail Art: Make Your Own Decals

Last week, I read this tutorial from All Laquered Up on creating your own DIY nail decals. I thought it was so cute and wanted to give it a try.

Here’s a little step by step:


  • Variety of Nail Polishes & a top coat. I wanted to create a dichroic glass effect so I chose shimmery jewel tones and the Nubar 2010 speckled top coat.
  • Nail dotting tool or toothpick.
  • Plastic Sandwich Bag.
  • Nail Scissors

Step 1:

Paint small rectangles the size of your nail with top coat onto the plastic baggie. Be sure to do a fairly thick coat.

Step 2:

While top coat is still wet, use dotting tool to paint whatever design you would like.

Step 3:

Allow paint to dry overnight.

Step 4:

Peel decal off and place on center of nail. Smooth out edges and trim excess.

Step 5:

Paint the rest of your nails or apply decals and finish with a top coat


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  1. So I’m gonna be trying this tomorrow, and I wanted to know, how does it stay on your nail? Wouldn’t it slip or peel off? And if I try doing words, will it work? And any tips on it?? Other than that, thanks so much for this! It is very cool and interesting

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