WARNING: This One’s for the Girls

I realize most of you reading How to be Fancy are of the female persuasion – but just in case, I am placing a warning/disclaimer on this post. I am about to discuss delicate lady things and may perhaps disclose TMI. Consider yourself warned.


Today I marched my little self into Sally Beauty Supply determined to rid myself of a hair-o-ing problem that most every girl has to face. Brace yourself. The Bikini Line. Cue suspenseful music.

She looks happy enough, right?

After staring at my options for an eternity and texting/calling every trusted friend I thought might have a clue, I made my selection. Small wax warmer. All purpose soft wax. Muslin strips. Giant popsicle sticks. Wax removal cream. Post wax cooling gel.  Check, check and check.

Now, you must know that I have no aversion to pain per se, but just to be sure I popped an advil before hauling my supplies to the powder room. 15-20 minutes later (the recommended heating time for my wax) I was powdered up and ready to rock and roll.  Wax on, muslin cloth, RIIIPPP!!!, and done. Well, that wasn’t so bad, eh?

On to side b. Wax on, muslin cloth, RIIIiiiiii…what the hooha??? Nothing but a slow painful slide and smooshy waxy mess.

After half an hour, I decided the “professional” wax remover was a load of crack and moved on to soaking in olive oil.

So here I am now, marinating in cooking oil, waiting to get “unstuck”. Motive of this story? If at first you don’t succeed, pick the wax off and slather on the numbing cream!

(As a side note, I’m thinking about trying a hard wax…insight and encouragement are appreciated.)




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