It’s Bath Time {Giveaway Day 5}

One of my favorite things about Lush is their amazing Christmas bath bombs. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tub, so I thought I’d spread the sudsy goodness for you to enjoy!

Check out today’s video to see me try and describe the scents (it’s harder than you might think!)

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  1. Cuddling with my kiddos & watching Christmas movies. Also putting on my robe with fuzzy socks and sipping a cup of java!

  2. I love making baked goodies and giving them out. It’s so rewarding and the baking process is relaxing. Also minty cocoa is great for relaxing in the cold.

  3. Super Fancy Hot Chocolate made with Belgian CoCo and or Homade Egg Nog with Cinnamon infused Rum is the perfect Solstice Cocktail ..It has become a real crowd pleaser as I love to have friends over during the holidays !I like The idea of people creating their own traditions ..rather than consume culture Make your own .I do enjoy nostalgia but I think we have lost our way via rampant blind consumerism…You can still be “Fancy” while being a creative prove my point Miss Fancy!

  4. To be truthful, I like just sitting and relaxing. I’ll be done another semester of uni, and I won’t want to do anything but sleep, eat, go to starbucks with my friends. I sound super lazy, but this semester has been super stressful!

  5. Going out with my Boyfriend to the city centre to watch the city’s wonderful light decorations while drinking (of course) mulled wine -I’m obsessed to this super-hot thing in super freezy winter time!, or baking delicoussss cakes with Grandma and watching Christmas movies on TV πŸ˜€

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