Anniversary or Date Style

Last Saturday, the boy and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in style – we spent the day slaving away at our new house/workspace. We’re so excited about the new place, but boy, is it a lot of hard work!

Since I didn’t get to dress up (I wore dirty jeans and a tank without a stitch of makeup – so glamorous), I thought I would put together something sweet and romantic that maybe you would like to wear for a night out with your date.

From top left: Vintage Dress, Spanish Moss; Nail Varnish, Sally Hansen; Necklace, Lulu Frost; Bracelet, Pamela Love (Limited edition, secret Topshop sale!); Platform Heels, Modern Vintage; Hair Comb, Elronds Emporium

Many of these items are limited edition or vintage because I think it’s lovely to add a little meaning to your wardrobe on special occasions! What is your most memorable look and what made it special?


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