I randomly found makeup artist Megan Martinez (a.k.a. Chaos Makeup Artist) during one of my Instagram binges a little over a year ago. I was blown away by her talent and even more impressed with how sweet and sincere she is.

When she decided to bring out her own highlighters, I immediately pre-ordered them. Since she’s hand-making these babies herself, it took a couple of months for them to be ready, but I got them in hand last week and was so excited to try them.

The six highlighters (called High Lightning) arrived carefully packaged to prevent breakage and Megan even threw in a couple of Sugarpill eyeshadow samples (they are one of her sponsors).



The shades themselves range from an iridescent white highlight, Electric to a rose/champagne color, Vie en Rose that is perfect for a more natural glow. Other shades include Shrinkle (blue), Mynxii (Pink), Fawn (Bronze – gorgeous as an eyeshadow), and Striking (Silver).

Here’s a little Instagram photo of me wearing Electric as a cheek and face highlight and fawn on the eyes.


As far as texture, at first these come across as slightly dry and perhaps a bit too glittery for my taste. Once they are applied however, magic happens. The more chunky glittery particles fade away somewhat and you’re left with a beautiful glow. Word of advice – a little goes a long way. I strongly recommend using a light hand when applying these for everyday. Tap your brush onto the pan lightly and then dust a bit off onto your hand before applying to your face and you should get just the right amount.

My favorite thing about High Lightning is how they look in photos. You can apply them with a small eye or face brush to get a very precise high light that looks beautiful in photos (both natural and artificial light).

You can purchase the Chaos High Lightning on the Chaos website. You’ll get six 26mm pans (think eyeshadow sized) for $55 plus shipping.


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  1. I love indie cosmetics, have never heard of this brand and am just learning to use highlighters – very tempting! Hope to see more lesser known brands, lovely blog!


  2. I love this & thank U for sharing your techniques because I am dumbfounded when it comes to highlighting & all the “fun” stuff for my makeup & beauty! I’m going to check out all your other videos & posts so I may learn all I need to know so I won’t be going out uncomfortable in my own skin!!!! Thanks again!

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