Swatch-It: How Fashion’s Night Out Got the Best of Me

Many of you were so kind as to join me for a lovely night of fashion chatting during Fashion’s Night Out. But did you know that, earlier that same day, I succumbed to the limited edition release that was Chanel Provocation? I suppose you did not, which is why I will show it to you now.

I give you, my very first Chanel Nail Polish: Provocation

Now, I had wanted to purchase the matching lipstick as well, but I refrained (seeing as I have about 7 other goth/vamp/90’s inspired lipsticks in my collection – Comment if you’d like to see them all). Isn’t it lovely how Chanel makes up for their overpriced brand markup by giving you a lovely pouch for your nail polish? Yes, I thought so too!

The color in the bottle seems very darkened berry toned in the bottle, but I find it looks quite different when worn on nails.

It dried to a very deep almost-brown merlot color that is very pretty for fall. As far as quality, I have to say that I was pleased (thankfully, I was afraid I was paying loads for those little intertwined c’s & not much for a little QC). The color was mostly opaque in one coat (I applied two) and dried very quickly to a smooth glossy finish.

Overall I’d have to say I’m pleased as blackberry punch over this splurge!

What beauty item have you splashed out for? Were you happy about your purchase?



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