A Fancy Christmas List

When I started thinking about what I want for Christmas, I realized there are more techy goods on here than a fashionable girl should wish for. Then I realized how adorable some of those things are these days! A macaroon for your earbuds…yes please! Rose Gold Headphones? Total win. Now, in all honesty, this is just a dream list. I’m not asking anyone in particular to actually spend this kind of money on me…that’s just silly. It is fun to dream a bit, though!

I am in love with The 2 Bandits. Their jewelry speaks to my inner Texan. It speaks real good.

Onto, admittedly, nerdier things. I have been eyeing the Canon Powershot Elph 110 for a while now. It would make it that much easier to film…and the Boy wouldn’t look so funny filming OOTD’s with my Kate Spade covered iPhone!

Along the lines of my filming hobby, wouldn’t I look cute editing videos in these white and rose gold headphones? So chic!

Until I get my mits on those snazzy new headphones, I could really use someplace to store my pesky earbuds…a sweet treat, perhaps (p.s. these are scented as well)?

To keep my phone from dying mid instagram, I’d give a mint for this spotted little backup battery.

In the true spirit of Fancy, there had to be a pair of shoes on my list. I’m not sure if it’s Lisa Frank withdrawals or what, but I honestly can’t get enough of holographic print these days. These shiny oxfords should would do the trick, I think!

Even though I don’t currently have a kitchen (long story), I LOVE this gold flatware!

More practical than eating utensils sans cabinets is this memoir by Vogue’s one and only Grace Coddington.

Finally, to round out my collection of oddities, is this gorgeous handmade pillow by Alexandra Ferguson. Actually, I want the white version, but pink always does in a pinch!

I realize Christmas is about much more than getting gifts – even than giving them, really. So don’t stress too much if things are tight, or you don’t get just what you’d hoped for (more on this later)! 

What’s on your wish list this year?


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  1. My husband just ordered the German equivalent of the ELPH 110 for me yesterday. Seems to be the blogger/vlogger & YouTuber’s camera of choice and it has excellent reviews! I hope you get one for Christmas too because I’ve come to discover just how annoying using your phone’s camera can be.

    • I know! I thought it was no big deal…until your phone runs out of memory. Plus, I’d really like a little better quality so I can do more tutorials! Let me know what you think about your new camera! xo

  2. I didn’t know that YouTube gurus were filming with digital cameras – I just assumed they all had fancy setups but a small camera makes so much sense to own. I’m definitely going to bookmark that link.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the macaroon earbud purse. That’s adorable 😀 I’d love to see shopping lists or blog posts like this when it’s not christmas.

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