Today, we’re talking about creativity. What is it? Who is creative? How do you become more creative?

I totally believe that if you’re human, there’s creativity in you! Maybe it’s been wounded by criticism or maybe the daily routine has made you feel like you’re rolling on empty. Today, it’s all about remembering what it feels like to just play!

Creativity is not a holy process but the process of creativity can produce the divine. Click To Tweet

Watch the second video in the Fancy in Four series and shake the dust off your creative muscles!!

In a world obsessed with perfectly styled Instagram feeds and Snap-worthy weekends, it’s really important to me to have a place to talk about the random, sometimes deep, and not beauty-related things. Because I loved the #GoHeartYourself challenge so much, I decided to create a new video series on my YouTube channel, called Fancy in Four. This series will cover everything from How Cool it is to be an Introvert, to sharing some love for my favorite people on the internet and so much more. The best part? All of the topics we talk about will be chosen by YOU! Plus, each video will be under four minutes (hence the name) so you can watch and still have time to online shop during your lunch break!



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