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One thing I’ve found by living on this crazy planet is that our opportunities for saying yes are out of control. Want to try out the latest detox diet? Yep. How about an afternoon of volunteering for your niece’s pre-school? Um, sure. Your boss needs you to finish the project a day early? You got it. It’s easy to find your life filled with Yes’s, but are they really the things you want to be doing?

Here’s a little peek at four things I would like to say YES to more often!



It’s been a very exciting few weeks around here! If you want the full run down, you can watch today’s vlog – BUT – I also wanted to share a few photos of my latest addition with you.

how to be fancy rose tattoo
Isn’t she a beaut?! I’ve wanted a colorful tattoo for ages and was finally able to get into see one of my favorite local artists, Josh Reynolds. He did the best job!
16htbf_tattoo2I’m still finishing up the healing process, but couldn’t wait any longer to get a few photos!

how to be fancy rose tattoo

how to be fancy peony tattoo

I also got a massive opportunity to speak at Confidence Con – an annual conference for strong, powerful women. If you wanna see what I had to share, check out the vlog below!





Today, we’re talking about creativity. What is it? Who is creative? How do you become more creative?

I totally believe that if you’re human, there’s creativity in you! Maybe it’s been wounded by criticism or maybe the daily routine has made you feel like you’re rolling on empty. Today, it’s all about remembering what it feels like to just play!

Creativity is not a holy process but the process of creativity can produce the divine. Click To Tweet

Watch the second video in the Fancy in Four series and shake the dust off your creative muscles!!

In a world obsessed with perfectly styled Instagram feeds and Snap-worthy weekends, it’s really important to me to have a place to talk about the random, sometimes deep, and not beauty-related things. Because I loved the #GoHeartYourself challenge so much, I decided to create a new video series on my YouTube channel, called Fancy in Four. This series will cover everything from How Cool it is to be an Introvert, to sharing some love for my favorite people on the internet and so much more. The best part? All of the topics we talk about will be chosen by YOU! Plus, each video will be under four minutes (hence the name) so you can watch and still have time to online shop during your lunch break!




Please tell me I’m not alone when it comes to serious organization problems?! The minute I get one area of my home/workspace organized, it’s as if the clutter trolls have taken it upon themselves to destroy everything else around me. And God bless the person who has kids – I can’t even deal with the messes I make myself!

So, in an attempt to get something under control, I roamed Home Depot and made a quick and easy DIY jewelry storage solution. You could totally customize this with paint, hang it on a wall, frame it out with pretty trim – whatever makes your heart happy. I am so pleased with how this turned out! And the fact that I can actually wear my necklaces again without having to do some kind of reverse cat’s cradle maneuver.


#GoHeartYourself | WEEK TWO

We are officially half-way through the Heart Yourself Resolution! Can we talk about how good it feels to have done something for yourself everyday for TWO WEEKS?!!

One of my favorite parts of the challenge are the Friday afternoon periscope check ins. It’s amazing to take a few minutes together and just talk about the highs and lows of the week. If you haven’t caught one yet, here’s the Week Two upload where I shared 6 ways I deal with anxiety.

You guys amaze me with your commitment to being good to yourselves! I LOVE checking the #GoHeartYourself tag on instagram and twitter to see what you’re all up to. Even if you’re just starting today, it’s never too late to heart yourself!





This week I was stressing out about all the things I wanted to accomplish in 2016 – big lofty dreams that require a major commitment. After basically deciding to give up and just hakuna matada my way through the new year, I had a thought: What if I forget about the year and just focus on TODAY?

What happens next is 48 hours of me creating a really fun idea for anyone who wants to give this idea a go. It also involves a little light crafting. I’m nothing if not a DIY-er.

I present to you, THE HEART YOURSELF RESOLUTION <— Go ahead and click that link. It’s got all the details that I don’t have room for in this post. I’ll wait. 😉

Now that you’ve read my big idea (seriously, read it or this won’t make any sense), here’s your big ol’ list of fun ideas to try over the next 30 days. Have fun and make them your own!




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Don’t forget that you can keep up with how things are going for me on Periscope. Plus, if you print out those darn cute envelopes (no lie, I’m seriously proud of them) snap a photo and post it to instagram with the hashtag #GoHeartYourself so we can see what you’re up to!



For the Misfits

How to be Fancy

(artwork by: Cozy Reverie)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the new year and all the things I’m excited to bring to my channel and all the other internet-like places How to be Fancy finds itself. This year, more than ever, I want to make sure that I really create space for those of you in my world who have come along on this journey with me (that sounds very official, hey?). By that, I mean I want everyone who somehow manages to click on a video or read a blog or social media post to feel like they have a safe space to explore their creativity right along-side me.

This strange little road to figuring out who you are often begins with a “look” we’re trying to re-create or a style we want to get for ourselves. Or maybe we’re just looking for a few minutes of escape from a world that sometimes feels like a big bully – picking on every little thing we do or wear or say.

Last week, I was so tired and experiencing panic attacks almost every night. Full of irrational fears and letting that little self-critical demon that lives on my shoulder get the best of me. On Thursday night, feeling pretty overwhelmed, I settled in to watch a TV movie based on Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors.

Although Dolly and I are vastly different people, I’ve always been so drawn to her. She seemed so kind – even when all I ever heard people talk about were her “girls” and how she wasn’t the best example of morality for a young lady. As a kid, I remember watching her on interviews where they would ask her the dumbest questions about her nails and weight and she would so gracefully address them, crack a few well-timed jokes and make everyone fall in love. All while doing her own thing pretty dang successfully.

So, back to the moment where I am blissfully snuggled up watching Jennifer Nettles and a feisty little blonde (Alyvia Alyn Lind) portray the story of Dolly’s young life of loss, love, and humble beginnings in the hills of Tennessee. I’ll leave you to find the movie (or listen to the song), but as I watched, I was confronted with the heartbreak of what a culture of shame we live in. My heart broke for a little girl who was literally wearing love on her multi-colored sleeve – so excited about being an individual when she’d only known hand-me-downs – and suddenly she’s blindsided by a community that can only criticize the very things that make her unique.

I think most of us can tell a story of being bullied – by another kid or maybe even by an adult. Of being told we were showing off when we were really just being ourselves. Of wearing the wrong thing, not knowing a pop-culture reference, or for just generally doing something another didn’t approve of. And what happens when we think (or even know) we’ve made a misstep? We let the shame pile on.

We let it wash over us, we let it make us feel insignificant, we let it stop us from being vulnerable. Even worse, we make it a part of who we are – we allow it to become our identity. It darkens our brightest ideas and shatters our courage. That little five letter word (are we sure it’s not four?) creeps into our once-open heart and leaves it broken.

So what happens when those outer words become our inner critic? We place limits on ourselves and begin to doubt our worth and purpose. We let it make our decisions for us. We can even let it decide how we’re supposed to look and act. We become critical of others – because what’s in us so often is what comes out of us. We can look for comfort in addictions, in self-harm, in isolation.

Like little miss Dolly did in the movie (please promise me you’ll watch it), we have to learn to love and trust ourselves and find forgiveness. I want my little place on the internet to be a no-shame zone. A place where it’s okay to be a misfit. Because surrounding yourself with people who believe in you does wonders for a broken heart. I’m just doing my best to create a space where we can feel safe in our creative curiosity, because honestly, that’s what I could use most right now.

So tell me, what makes you feel most like YOU? What things do you WISH you could do but are afraid of being laughed at? What makes you feel like a misfit? I’m here to listen, offer a shoulder and a big ol’ hug if you ever need it!




macys friends and family sale

For Getting or Gifting: Stacked Heel Boots | Dainty Earring Sets | Plaid Wraps

We never had a Macy’s in my town growing up, so whenever we hit “the city” (a.k.a. Ft. Worth) I always had lofty dreams of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the big, shiny department store. I mean, these were the people with the parade, y’all.

Fast forward to modern times, where we have this glorious thing called internet shopping. And you can have the same magnificent shopping experience while wrapped in a blanket scarf, sipping tea. Plus, there are coupon codes. God bless coupon codes.

how to be fancy Macys

Try on: Plaid Dresses | Fuzzy Sweaters | Stacking Rings

I’ve got a few picks for the Macy’s Friends and Family sale this year – but don’t let me limit you. I spent HOURS last night making a list (which may or may not include an adorable plaid COACH bag. I admittedly have a problem). If you get sucked into the shopping vortex like me, don’t forget to use the code ‘FRIEND’ to get an extra 25% off your order through December 10th, 2015.

(Thanks to Emily for letting me wrangle her for an impromptu photo shoot!)


Kindle Book Picks for Cyber Monday

Ah, my favorite time of year. When I can stockpile books like an acorn-hoarding squirrel. While I love a good paperback, the convenience of having my library on my phone (I use the Kindle app) gets the best of me more often than not.

This glorious Cyber Monday, some of the best books I’ve read (and want to read) are available on Amazon for a pretty good deal, so I wanted to share with any other book lovers out there! If you’re an Audible member, they’ve got a TON of books on sale over there as well!

kindle sale

Orphan Train. It’s heartbreaking, but this is such a beautiful story about a time in American History that I had never really thought about. Easily my top pick of the list.

The Royal We. Okay, it’s not exactly on the cyber monday list, but 1) It’s a fun read – especially if you’re into Will and Kate; 2) It’s still cheap ($3.99); 3) It was written by fellow blog mavens, The Fug Girls.

Go Set a Watchman. I’m on the fence on this one. I’ve refused to read it, but the reviews on this Harper Lee “find” have me SO DARN INTRIGUED. Have you read it?? What are your thoughts?

The Sparks Saga. I just read book one last month and it is such a great story! If you’re into fantasy/sci fiction, you may love this. Also, the first book is free, so it’s a no-brainer!

A Desperate Fortune. If you’re into Diana Gabaldon’s Outlanders Series, you’ll love Susanna Kearsley.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I’ve been eyeing this one for a long time – perfect timing, Cyber Monday!

The Nightingale. Another one that looks like a great read. I have a love/hate relationship with wwII stories, but I am always so drawn to them!

What were your favorite fiction finds this year? Would you like me to do a book list on Non-Fiction, too (I know I’m not a book blogger, but I read like a madwoman). 



black friday sales

If you’ve been around a bit, you may know the boy and I have a post-thanksgiving tradition of hitting the black friday sales. Not so much to get the door busters, but because we think it’s fun to go shopping at 2am. Seriously. We’re just that weird.

I do have a few online places I’ve got my eye on for after the tryptophan wears off, so I thought I’d share the wealth.

Zenni Optical. Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Code B2G1. Limited time offer, ends 12/2/15.

Arctic Fox (because, HAIR COLOR NEEDS). 25% off everything.

Asos. Get 30% Off Everything! Use Promo Code BLESSED. Valid 11/26-12/1.

Sephora. $10 gift sets (online and in stores) Plus, choose 1 of 3 holiday bags with 12 party-ready samples, FREE with $25 purchase. Use code: MIXITUP

Kate Spade. 75% off Surprise Sale

Berry Brand Jewelry. 50% off Entire Site – eeek!

GeoFlora Jewelry. 50% off Good Karma Sale

Atomic Swag Tees. 25% off Site (Where some of my vintage style tees come from)

Passive Juice Motel. 30% off Site (Where MORE of my favorite tees come from!)

Pin Up Girl Clothing. 30% off (I feel like this will be a crazy one…but I’m digging it)

Gypsy Warrior. 30% off everything. 25% off site

Nordstrom. Black Friday at NORDSTROM: Extra 25% OFF Select Styles for All through Monday! This one is perfect if you’re looking for a deal on my Kate Spade glasses! <3

The thing I love most about these? You can shop all of them from the comfort of your own couch. So, put on your favorite onesie and have fun! Let me know if you get something awesome!!

Also, check for me on Snapchat (@howtobefancy), to see our Black Friday shenanigans!

BONUS SHOPPING TIP: I always use ebates when I’m shopping online – that extra percentage really adds up over time (Like around $200 per year).