I’m wrapping up the green beauty giveaway tomorrow (haven’t entered?! Check out the video here!) and thought I would share a few items I’ve got my eye on from Nuciya Beauty. If you’re looking for another stop in finding natural, organic, and green beauty products, add them to your list!

nuciya natural cosmetics

Takesumi Detox Deodorant; Vapour Instant Skin Perfector; Caru Cucumber + Lime Toner; Treat Collection Nail Polishes; Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo;  Karen Murell Lipsticks; Battington Silk Lashes; Apoterra Lavender + Green Clay Soap




This top, you guys. It’s like the MVP of my closet right now, for reals. When I got it in the mail, I wasn’t sure how much wear I could get out of a simple black crop top. I sorely underestimated it’s ability to go with anything and everything high waisted.

TOBI black top - How to be fancyCROP TOP: C/O TOBI
TOBI black top - How to be fancy

On this particular day, I paired the wrap-style sheer top with my high waisted flare jeans. I love how it hits at just the right spot so there’s no need to tuck it in.

TOBI black top - How to be fancyTOBI black top - How to be fancyThe open back is just enough to show off a pretty bra but not over the top at all. This is definitely one of those staple pieces I can see myself reaching for during the hot and hazy days of summer!

TOBI black top - How to be fancy

I’m already making plans to wear some big silver boho earrings, comfy printed pants and maybe some cute booties with this top in the very near future. Make sure you check out Tobi and get 50% off your first order!



SIZZLER SUNDAY | Third Time’s a Charm

Okay, not sure how much longer I can keep up the cute numeric titles, but I’ve got a few adorable yet handy things to share with you today!

beauty and jewelry how to be fancy

My faves this week all unintentionally match!

Tony Moly Banana Peeling CreamI snagged this in the Tony Moly store a few months ago and have just now given it a try. If you’re not into more serious peels, I would highly recommend this one! It’s super gentle and smells amazing!

The Wreckerd Mill Shell NecklaceI fell in love with pretty much everything from Wreckerd Mill during Nashville Boogie. This gorgeous necklace is made out of recycled records. My only regret is not running back into grab one of the insane sculptured hair flowers he makes!

Apothic & Co. ToothpastePlease tell me I’m not the only one who swoons over weird stuff like toothpaste. Please?? I snagged a few tubes of this beauty on clearance at Anthropologie last weekend (totally reasonable, right?). It’s sold out online but you may be able to grab it in store!

Earthbound Trading Co. Ring. I kind of can’t get enough of the jewelry at Earthbound right now. Actually, I would take all of their furniture, too, if I thought I could get away with it.

Meow Meow Tweet Relief Balm. This stuff is great for a multitude of things, but recently I’ve been using it on my tattoos to soothe and brighten them. It smells great and works magic – it’s also good for headaches and general aches and pains!

I’m off to a three year old’s birthday party now – wish me luck!!!


YouTube Files #2

Does anyone else feel like they’ve lost all sense of date/time? This 3 day weekend threw me for a loop and I totally spaced on filming everything I needed for Tuesday’s Fancy in Four video. In the spirit of not being to hard on myself (practice what you preach, lady), I opted to share it with you guys next week. I’m hoping it will be super fun (and I’m sure 90% of you didn’t even notice, tbh)!

I DID get a new Petit Vour box and it had some pretty great stuff inside, so make sure you take a peek before you head off into your weekend adventures!

Happy Friday my dears – let me know what you get up to this weekend over on Snapchat or Instagram!



madam glam nail polish

Over the past few months I’ve developed quite the addiction to gel nail polishes. For a time, I was really struggling to get normal polish to dry – for some reason it felt the need to stay tacky. I mean that in all the literal ways possible.

I jumped at the chance to try the Madam Glam gel polishes when they were kind enough to offer. After the first try lasted on my nails for over two weeks, I was hooked. You can check out my first impressions and full review video here. I went on to purchase several other shades and am currently making a list for others (I really DO need more brights for summer, I swear!).

madam glam gel polish

From Lower Left: Rosy Nude, Light Ruby, Brick, Sexy Purple, Sangria, Love for Lilac, Pure Cloud, and My Bestie and Me (this one is color changing)

I’ve swatched my current collection of gel nail polishes from Madam Glam for you because who doesn’t want to see all the pretty colors?? Each swatch is only two coats of polish with no top coat – it’s super shiny on it’s own but looks even better when you top it off with the clear top coat! As long as you CAREFULLY remove the polish, I’ve not experienced too much damage to my natural nail (I’ve got a video on how to safely remove gel polishes right here). The only other down side is that you can’t change polish colors quickly, but I’ve found I haven’t wanted to since the colors wear so nicely for so long!

Thanks to Madam Glam for letting me share a 30% off code if you’d like to try out the system as well! Use code: HHDTBF30 to get the discount! Happy Polishing! 


*This post is not sponsored, however, Madam Glam graciously sent their LED Gel Nail system. As always, I only review products I absolutely love – it’s just how I roll! 😉



I had so much fun with last week’s Sizzler Sunday post I’ve decided to go back for seconds.

weekly favorites

These Sunglasses from Firmoo. Firmoo is a relatively new brand to me. I tried out an order in April and so far have been LOVING the quality of the designs they produce. Plus, you can get your prescription placed in most of their glasses and sunnies. I’m working on a full review video of all my Firmoo frames (plus a pretty great surprise for you guys) so keep your eyes on my YouTube channel for more soon!

This Wild + Free Read. The subtitle of this book alone totally spoke to my heart. If you are someone who has ever felt like you’re too much or not enough, PLEASE grab a copy of this book. Jess and Haley voice so clearly the truth of what it really means to be a woman!

This Smelly-Goodness. Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf has long been on my want-to-own-it list, so imagine the happy dance I did when Influenster sent me this glorious surprise. This was the first time I’ve tried a fragrance oil and it is both delightful and lasts forever. It is a bit on the strong side so use caution if you’re super sensitive to scent!! If I’m honest, the pretty packaging does as much for me as the fragrance – I never knew a pink glass grenade could give me heart eyes!

I’d love to know what things you’ve fallen for this week!!


YouTube Files #1

This week in things I posted on the internet:

A new Fancy in Four video where I talk about my plans for finally conquering this “adulting” business (it’s probably not what you think…unless you read the title of the video. Then yeah, it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking).

And, because we all need a little balance, Thursday’s video includes all four days of my Nashville Boogie fashion OOTD’s!

As a side note, you can watch BOTH of this week’s videos in under 5.5 minutes! Say what?!?

If you need a bit more of me and my bright-as-the-sun hair this Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be on Instagram and Snapchat. This weekend is my 12th anniversary with The Boy so I’m sure we’ll be doing something exciting like eating fancy ramen or going to Target. What plans have you made for the long weekend? <3



Sometimes I overthink fashion. I wake up and say, “you know that period of the 90s when it was cool to do an undone 50s look with a punk edge that’s a little more Kathleen Hanna but with maybe a hint of Madonna? Yeah, I wanna wear that today. Annnnnd, throw in some norm-core shoes while you’re at it.” Voila! I give you my weekend look.



Tobi Fashion OOTDTop + Skirt c/o Tobi

Tobi Fashion OOTD

Tobi Fashion OOTD

Heads up: get 50% off your first order from Tobi! Check out the High Waisted Jeans, Flannel Tops, and Combat Boots and give Kim Gordon a run for her money. 😉


SIZZLER SUNDAY: A Smorgasbord of Beautiful Things

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that at least a few of you are familiar with the age-old Sunday tradition of rounding up the whole fam and heading to your nearest buffet-style eatery. One of the highest and lowest points of my week as a child happened after church at some such establishment. On one hand, DESSERT BAR (and whatever crack-magic they put in those dinner rolls). On the other hand, adults spending actual hours talking over plates of fried catfish, mystery veg, and cantaloupe. Perhaps, you too, have felt the familiar tug of heavy eyelids and wanting nothing more than to curl up for a nap on those sweat-inducing vinyl booth benches.

Sneeze guards aside, what makes a buffet great is the randomness of the choices placed before you. Which brings me (finally!) to the purpose of today’s post. In the name of creating a new tradition for the Fancy Fam, I thought a Sunday filled with my favorite potions, products, and pretties would be fun. Pull up a pleather seat and let’s chat!

Travel Bag EssentialsSince I was traveling the past week, my most-used things are trip-related.

BAND-AID FRICTION BLOCKQuite a few of you recommended this after I had a run in with a pair of evil mules (shoes, not farm life). It took some hunting, but this stuff works wonders in preventing blisters from long days exploring cities in cute not-so-comfy shoes.

DORCO SHAI 4 RAZORI’ve purchased Dorco razors FOR YEARS. After fighting the rage that buying overpriced cartridges was causing me in the aisles of Target, I went on an internet research binge (as you do) and ran across Dorco. They are amazingly good and super cheap (like $25 or less for a year’s supply of blades WITH the handle). I was overly happy when they asked if I wanted to share a promo code with you guys!! Uh, YES PLEASE!!! (Obligatory disclaimer: they didn’t pay me to say that, I just really like them a lot!)

Coupon Code: GODORCO20
Discount: 20% Off Each Item
Exp: 08/31/2016

PACIFICA COCONUT CRUSHED PEARL LOTION. I’m feeling a little emotional because I think this has been discontinued – but – I got it recently at Ulta and it smells like heaven (if heaven were coconut island). You may still be able to grab it in stores if you hurry!

DAISO OIL BLOTTING PAPERSGod bless Daiso. My dream is to have one of these magical dollar stores nearby. Until then, these adorable and super handy blotting sheets will remind me that places like this do exist.

COLAB DRY SHAMPOOI am the biggest fan of Ruth Crilly. She makes me smile with her cheeky beauty videos and blog posts on A Model Recommends on a regular basis (as does her cat, Mr. Bear). Imagine my surprise when I discovered her dry shampoo was available in the US in travel size. I’ll imagine YOUR surprise when I tell you I stumbled upon it at Hot Topic. Go, re-live your pre-adolescent goth-hood while enjoying wonderfully texturized second day hair.

Tweet or Snap me your faves this week @howtobefancy! See ya next Sunday!


Rockabilly Baby

Heya! In my spring induced hay fever, I’ve apparently forgotten how to share my life here on the blog! In case you’ve missed me, don’t forget I post at least one video a week on my Youtube Channel – recently it’s been two!!

The latest is my current go-to style for a cute vintage look that works with second (or fourth!) day hair really well. It’s one part Lucille Ball, one part punk wannabe and I hope you really like it!